5 Do's and Don'ts in the first 90 days of your business (Network Marketing Focused)

Sometimes when it comes to starting something new we can feel a little overwhelmed. I know when I first started in Network Marketing I went down a wormhole trying to figure everything out. It took awhile but along the way I found a rhythm and mentors to align myself with. 

I've also found some key things that I think would help people new in the business along the way. Here are five do's and don'ts that I would suggest in your first ninety days of business.

Number One

Do Trust and lock arms with your mentor as soon as possible.
Now when I say mentor, this may or may not be your direct up line. You might have to search for a mentor. You're looking for someone who is fired up about the business, someone who has some success under their belt. Someone who is dedicated to their business.

Don't Be a Lone Ranger.
Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Don't wait to connect with your mentor. There's already success in place, that's the beauty of Network Marketing. The business model has been proven. You just have to be coach-able.


Number Two

Do be prepared on how you plan to share you're new business venture with your friends or family.
Package your story. Here's an example of a conversation:

(friend) "Hey, what are you up to these days?"
(me) "Man, I started a new business."
(friend) "Right on, doing what?"
(me) " I sell Hemp/CBD products."
Be very straighforward.
(friend) "Oh really, what brand?"
(me) "I sell hempworx products with MDC, have you heard of them?"

We are looking to start conversations with people.You need to package your story. What are people going to get when they ask you about your company? When they ask what's new in your life, you want to get to your results as soon as possible. 

From there you will go into your reason why. Tell them what the products have done for you. For example: "I started taking CBD to help with my anxiety. And it opened me up to a whole line of products that have made a huge difference in my life and routine. What do you use for pain/anxiety?"

It doesn't have to be an awkward or abnormal conversation, we are just weaving it in. Now you would just insert the blank with your product or service that you promote. :)

You need to know what you are going to say when someone asks about your new company or business venture you've been posting about. So if you don't have something it's time to package your story.

Don't be wishy washy.
If you meet someone new and they ask what you do, don't lead with your JOB.
A lot of people especially in Network Marketing start with a full time job and work their business on the side, but you don't want that to be the first thing you tell people about. You're not building your job, you're building your business. So lead with your business.


Number Three

Do make a "talk to list" everyday. 
What get's the ball rolling in this business? Talking to people. Go to bed at night with a game plan in mind. Know who you will be reaching out to the next day. Be intentional and plan it out. You should work from a list at all times.

Don't get pre occupied with non income producing activities.
Essentially anything that's not talking to people directly is a non income producing activity. These are things like: changing your profile pic, posting or studying your product line. All those things are fine but they shouldn't be taking up most of your time. That's not what's going to get you paid. You should be using the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your efforts should be reaching out talking and connecting with people (income producing activities). 20 percent should be spent on the other stuff like, product review, self development, training, updating your Facebook.


Number Four

Do use your products every single day.
You should know what you are offering to people. Use your shampoo, your makeup, your skin care. Use your supplements, your oils, use your products every day. You need to become a product of your product. This is going to be the fastest way for you to master how to share these products with others. Most people aren't gonna buy based on you knowing every single ingredient in your products. They are going to buy based on your personal story and how you felt, and how it made a difference for you.

Don't be scared to invest in your products.
You are investing into yourself. I understand that for most people, this is the first business they have ever ran. But, part of being an entrepreneur is understanding that it does take an investment mindset. This is still a business. Although, the investment is radically lower than a traditional business. It still takes an investment. And we have to keep that mindset.


Number Five

Do attend any and every event you can.
If you have local leadership putting on events, you should be there. If there aren't any events in your community then you should prepare yourself to put on these events. Gather people. Whether it be online, on a zoom call, in person, you should always be gathering.

Don't be unreliable and flaky.
This shouldn't just apply to your first 90 days, this should be always in your business. You are now running a business, you must be consistent. Stop being flaky and if that has been a part of your past, then you have to change that. Immediately.
This may not apply to everyone, and if it doesn't then, awesome. Keep doing what you are doing. Because that's what it takes.
There's enough inconsistency in people's lives, they will not follow someone who's inconsistent, or who they're not sure is going to do what they say they're going to do. They just won't. You have to be very stable.

In ending, I know when you are new to business it feels as though there are a lot of things being thrown towards you, but cling to your mentor. Follow in their footsteps. Call them when you need them or need encouragement.

Get plugged into your training or Facebook groups.
Don't be a lone ranger.
Remember to package your story. Know what you're communicating, how you're communicating your product or your business opportunity. Because that's going to lead to appointments. And appointments are the life blood of your business. No appointments, it's likely your business isn't growing.
Make your "to talk to list", use your products every day and stop being scared to invest into yourself.

Start thinking like an entrepreneur. Throw events, attend events, gather people.

Do it over and over.
Do it and become a master at these things. Take the approach with your network marketing business, that you are on a mission, not to be the best but to be YOUR best. Have that idea of mastery. It takes a long time to become masterful at something. You need to have a long term mindset because a lot of this stuff takes personal and professional growth and development. But putting in that time will sustain you through the journey and you will be successful for many years to come. 

The key to success is starting before you're ready. You have to jump in and go for that bad boy. It may not be easy but you are in control of these do's and don'ts. You are in control of your attitude.
You're in control of the action that you take.
You're in control of how your business grows.
So stay focused.


Peace, Love & Light.

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