Be A Video Boss

When it comes to social media, capturing someone's attention is key! Sometimes this task can seem daunting, but we have some great tips and basic rules that will make you a video boss in no time!

Start with the right set up!
The key to making successful videos is having the right equipment from day one. This does not have to break the bank either! Today, everyone in business has a smartphone, use it to capture images, live stream or record video anywhere you go. Smart phones are producing amazing video quality this day in age and are quite comparable to what you would get from a dedicated video camera. You can also use your laptop. Most come with a built-in webcam and the audio port to plug in a headset and mic.

Control your lighting.
Lighting can make or break your video quality. If you are going to record with a laptop or smartphone you are going to want to avoid poor lighting. Recording with bad lighting makes your videos come across grainy and dark. A well-lit area will make your video clear, crisp and help your audience see you nicely. 

Normal house lights will work but if you are going to invest in anything for recording video, lighting should be at the top of your list. You'll find that lights that are designed specifically for video capturing can be adjusted and directed a lot easier.

Test your lighting by opening a video recording program, such as QuickTime on your computer. See how the quality looks. Is the picture grainy or shadowed? Is it lit too harshly? Move your lights accordingly and see the impact on your video quality. The best placement for lights is two in front of you, on either side of the camera, and one that's directly behind to help eliminate shadows.

Look them in the eye.
Connection is key. Establishing eye contact helps to start building rapport. If you never look into the camera when speaking you will loose your audience. The more you can look directly at the camera, the more your viewers feel like you are looking and having a conversation with them. This will in turn make your video's more effective. A trick you can try is minimizing the video screen that you are looking at and move it to the top center of your screen, making it as close to the camera lens as possible, that way even if you are looking at yourself or comments on a live, your eyes will not ever be far from the camera.

Don't be too hard on yourself!
If your videos are not perfect right out the gate, it's okay. You will get better with time. No one automatically knows how to immediately product gorgeous videos. You know the saying, practice makes perfect. Allow yourself that time to learn and make the necessary adjustments.

Another thing that scares people when trying live video for the first time is being scared to make mistakes and look stupid. DON'T WORRY! It's not that big a deal, in fact it shows the "human" side of you and makes you more relatable to your audience. If you say something wrong, laugh it off and move on.

Allow time for Testing.
When you lay out your video strategy, include a time frame for how long you will commit to making adjustments in your videos before you render judgment. If you put out video content and get no views at first, don't be discouraged. Put out another, and another, and another. Keep producing content and scratch out an audience for yourself. Also remember that it's okay to get others opinion. Reach out to trusted friends or colleagues who will give you candid, professional feedback and keep chugging along.

Audience building takes time and it takes even longer to gather and incorporate feedback and get great at making videos. Allow yourself sufficient time to get all of these things in place. Have reasonable expectations as a gauge for success. And remember to be creative and have fun!


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