When you have a Dream, or something that you really want to achieve, YOU have to become OBSESSED! 

Being obsessed means you gotta deep dive into it! Make your life all about it. Make your mind and all the the things around you through out the day all contribute to the end goal!

This includes being mindful of:
People you follow on social media
Movies that you watch
The videos you watch
The groups you are apart of on Facebook
Books that you pick up
Your Google searches
The courses you pay for
Every skill you learn
The music you listen to
The fun distractions you allow...

When you are aware of the things you are surrounding yourself with, your goals and dreams start to look and feel more real.

Include in your daily life mentors that you are drawn to, teachings and videos of positive things. Doing so will help you feel that drive inside. 

The people around you have already done it
The people you follow have already done it
The only thing left... Is for you do DO IT!

So go to your spot where your creative juices get flowing. Close yourself in and don't come back out until you've accomplished some stuff!

It could take 5 years to get where you want to be, but that 5 years could change the trajectory of the next 30-40 years!

Be driven!
You are responsible for making those dreams come true. 

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