Frogs Can Teach Us Amazing Things

Frogs can teach us amazing things!

Did you know that in some cultures, frogs are considered wise and peaceful creatures? Even thought they are tiny little creatures there are some big things that they can teach us! Keep an open mind and take these three points into consideration:

Numba 1: Frogs know how to adapt.
Frogs can live just about anywhere, on the ground, in the tree's, or even rock beds. They understand what it means to be fluid in one's environment.

Numba 2: Frogs know how to appreciate the stillness.
Frogs can stay in one spot for a long time. They can't catch flies by jumping around all of the time. Even though we live hectic busy lives, sometimes we need to just be still. Sit, reflect and wait for the good things to come our way.

Numba 3: Frogs know how to take their time to grow.
They do not start out as masters of the water and ground. They start as tiny tadpoles, taking the time to find their legs, learn to swim, and find their permanent home in the world. 

Growth takes time in any business. We should keep these three things in mind when we get discouraged. In times of frustration let us remember the FROG!

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