How To Build Any Business

Sometimes when getting started building a business we tend to over complicate things. That leads to becoming overwhelmed and flustered. I want to share with you 3 Key elements to building any business.

1. Build Your Pipeline
- No Leads = No Business
- This is the hardest phase when building
- Define your message
- Learn your industry numbers
- Get a steady clientele

2. Build A Community
- Educate your clientele
- Create a hub (FB Groups, Group Chats) for discussions
- Making content that shows who you are, what your vision is and what you stand for helps to build more trust.
- More Trust = More Business

3. Scale it
- Build a team to multiply your efforts and results
- Reward current and upcoming leaders in your business by giving recognition
- Create new connections in new areas and expand your reach
- Figure out what's needed to build a second location and run with it

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