Tips For the Entrepreneur Newbie

Being your own boss sounds appealing to many. Not to mention the warm feeling you get by providing something useful to society. Knowing that there are people out there who are willing to spend money on something you offer can evoke a feeling that cannot be easily replicated. 

Do you feel the pull to start something of your own? The desire to take the path of an entrepreneur but not sure where to start? 

Starting your own business is exciting but so many jump into it without idea of how to start or what to do. Deciding to take this new journey shouldn’t be taken lightly.

New businesses can have high failure rates and that becomes discouraging to people right off the bat. But I believe that it is so important to do what you love and my hope is for everyone who is stepping out of their comfort zones, will succeed. 

Here are ten solid tips as you venture out on this new journey.They just may help you keep your head above the water and propel you to success with your new business idea.

1: Have A Solid Plan In Place

Before you run into action you, take the time to envision your goals and jot them down on paper. Writing things down changes ideas to plans and plans to goals. It's essential for anyone starting a new business to have an actionable plan set in place.
If you don't have a set plan in place, it's easy to veer off and end up getting disoriented along the way. Think of having a well though out plan like a compass that will help guide you and everyone involved in the right direction.

2: Know Your Customer

Relationships are key in business.It's important to cultivate great relationships with the consumer. If you take the time to do this it will help streamline your service and you can cater to the customer more effectively and efficiently.


3: Know Money Management

Money management is essential to becoming a great entrepreneur. It's not only important to just make money but it's equally if not more important to know how to apply the revenue efficiently.

Sometimes when entrepreneurs find rapid success they can get cavalier with their spending. It’s a very short-sighted approach that can hurt in the long run. The business can implode if the income stream were to taper off.  So it it important to learn to embrace self-sufficiency, it will be the best long term financial strategy. 

4: Never Dismiss Risk

You know the saying: "Fortune favors the bold."

Taking risks as entrepreneurs happens daily. Risky moves keep you moving and staying ahead of the competition biting at your heels. But it's important to know balance. Remember not everything you try will be a success.

Which brings me to my next point. 

5: Never Stop Adapting (like the frog)

It's important to stay flexible and learn to adapt. When things are successful, know how to manage that success. But if you approach a rocky path learn to adapt and adapt quickly. Adaptation and innovation are the results of taking risks.

If you don’t innovate and try to improve, someone else out there will. In other words, by not doing anything you’re regressing and becoming less desirable in the eyes of the consumer. 

6: Don’t Give Up On Yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is throwing in the towel too soon and not persevering long enough to reach the breakthrough point. Have you ever seen the meme of the two men digging for the diamond? One is persistant and never gives up even though he still has a way to go. The other gives up right at the edge of success. If you would have pushed through and dug just an inch further he would have hit the diamonds. You never want to end up regretting. Work on self development to keep your mind strong.

Not everything you do or touch will turn to gold. Not all ideas become an overnight success.

It might be demoralizing at first but the important thing is to stay strong. Get back on the horse and keep riding.

7: Write Your Ideas Down On Paper

Sometimes great ideas come to us at the most unexpected times.Jot down your ideas as you come across them. 

It’s not always easy to remember everything that went on in your head throughout the day. Keep an idea journal or write them down on save them in a notes app on your phone. You never know, even the most outlandish idea can be the missing puzzle piece that can take your business to new heights. 

8: Take Advice But Always Trust Your Gut

It's a good thing to open to the advice of others.You will meet people who will be delighted to share their own experiences and thoughts about business development. Some of it may be of great use to you while other ideas may have to be swept to the side.

Trust your gut when people share their advice with you. Take it with a grain of salt. 

9: Challenge Yourself And Learn Everyday

You and those you work with should strive to learn something new every day. In order to stay ahead of the competition, there needs to be a desire to learn and acquire new skills. This will help maintain momentum in innovation. 

10: Make Time For Yourself

To be successful you need to try and live a balanced life. Being an entrepreneur comes with both rewards and challenges. But you have to keep in mind not to allow yourself to put work before everything else. I know as an passionate entrepreneur that can sometimes be hard not to do.

New entrepreneurs are prone to burn out. Pushing too hard is not only a detriment to your productivity but can lead to a variety of health-related issues. 

So, be sure to make time for yourself away from the hustle. Allow yourself time to incorporate hobbies into your life, spend time with friends and family. It’s a great way to unwind from the stress from operating a business. Not to mention that making time for relaxation is great for your mental and physical health as well.

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