Top 3 Tips To Achieve Anything

It's important to dream. And when I say dream, I mean DREAM BIG! Don't let society put limits on what you believe you could accomplish in life. Everyday you should remind yourself that you are wildly capable and drown out anything that comes to to plant doubt in you!

What does it take to be successful? I could build a list that would go on forever with tips on how to obtain success. But not everyone would appreciate a long drawn out explanation. Instead, here are my top 3 tips to achieve anything.

1. Seek Knowledge Not Results.
If you focus on discovery, improving, exploring and experimenting, your motivation will always be fueled. Taking time for self development will make you grow and prepare you for success. Even if seeking knowledge looks like taking 10 minutes out of your day to read part of a book, or watching a youtube video on a skill set you are trying to improve. 

2. Make the journey fun.
The minute you make it serious, there’s a big chance it will start carrying a heavy emotional weight and you will lose perspective and become stuck. Sometimes when we think of success we think of being on the constant grind. But you have to remember that you have one life. Yes it's important to work hard, but never forget to make memories. Your future wrinkly self will thank you for taking a little time to have some fun along the way.

3. Protect yourself from burnout
- It’s easy to burn out when you are very motivated. Observe yourself to recognize any signs of tiredness and take time to rest. Self care is essential my friends. It's important to be focused and driven but doing a set of daily tasks consistently is better than going full force in the beginning and running out of gas. 

Go after your dreams my friends! And remember you are capable of anything you put your mind to. 💫

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