You Need To Relax

As entrepreneurs it is easy to find ourselves forgetting to take time for ourselves. Whether you are busy in an office or constantly on the go go go, it's important for your health and spirit to take time through out your day to allow yourself to relax. 

Let me share with you 10 small things you can do through out your day to help you relax in 10 minutes or less.

1. Stand up and stretch
Do it a few times through out your day, especially if you find yourself so focused that you haven't moved from your desk for hours. Take a moment to stand and reach for the sky. Stretch up as far and as hard as you can. Focus on the sensations you feel in your muscles.

2. Close your eyes
Take a moment whether your sitting, standing, or lying down, rest your eyelids and take a break from the visual stimulation of your day.

3. Get lost in some music
Put those earbuds in or turn on your car radio for a bit and play your three most calming songs back-to-back. Let yourself take in those soothing melodies.

4. Make yourself a cup of tea
Ten minutes give you enough time to boil some water, steep your favorite blend, and enjoy the warmth with each sip.

5. Take some deep breaths
Breathing is great for relaxation. 
Inhale, hold for ten seconds, and then exhale. It's hard to do this without feeling more relaxed.

6. Look out and watch the weather
You don't have to be outside to do this. Look out a window and take in the view of the sky. Watch the clouds, rain, snow or whatever else is moving through the air.

7. Visit with a friend
Take a few moments during your day to reach out, call, email or stop in their office to share your day with them. The rest of the day can wait.

8. Take a shower
If you are home, one of the most calming things you can do is take a nice hot shower. Turn up the water and soak in the steam, letting your stress and worries slip down the drain.

9. Take a walk
Take in some nature and get outside for a bit. Fill your lings with ten minutes worth of fresh air. Walking for ten minutes will get your blood pumping and improve your heart function for the rest of the day.

10. Do a quick meditation
Give yourself ten minutes to put everything else aside and center yourself. Find a quiet spot and spend a few minutes in meditation.

Hopefully you can chose some of these tips to apply through out your day and let yourself relax.

Do you have some good ten minute tips of your own? Let us know in the comments.

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