About Us

Who are we?

Hey! Welcome to our site. We are a couple of gals with big dreams and heart for spreading encouragement to others so they believe they can go after theirs. 

A quote we live by:

There is nothing more beautiful than making life beautiful for others.

We just love the message of this quote and live everyday with it in mind. Collectively we have had experience in many fields of work but our heart is focused on connecting people with products that enhance their lives and opportunities to grow and change their current situations.

We are partnered with an amazing health and wellness company that offers products that promote health and creates opportunities to earn and grow wealth .

We believe that keeping the body's gut in balance isn't just a good gesture-it can have a profound impact on your skin, mood, weight, immunity, brain health and overall well-being. Our innovative products combine gut health with a full spectrum of other benefits for a whole-body approach to wellness.

We also have developed a clothing line for entrepreneurs called Hush Attire. 
Hush Attire is here to help you not be closed mouthed about dreams, your vision, your business. We have tools to help you break the ice and give you an "in" with people to talk about the things you love most. These tools break the ice for you to start conversations with potential clients, customers or partners, you can let the clothing speak for you. Creating an open door for starting conversation with others that otherwise might have gone missed. Share about your business and let the clothing make the process a little easier for you.

We also are a member and supporter of the LGBT community. We created a brand called MYmamaBEARS.

MY mama BEARS showcases cute designs for babies from every family type, whether it be two mommies, two daddies, single parents or mother and fathers. Love is love and we want you to be able to dress your little one in style.

Check out our shop at Mymamabears.com

We believe in following your heart. And living your passions. We embody self-empowerment, strength and drive. We are dream builders. And love encouraging and assisting others to go after their dreams.

Live your passion. Dream Big. Work Hard and Play Daily!